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The Impact of Price Transparency in Healthcare is Unclear

Authors: Daniel I. Levin, CFA, Nicholas J. Janiga, ASA and Luis A. Argueso On June 24, 2019, President Trump issued an executive order with the goal of improving price transparency in the healthcare sector.  The order directs the department of Health and Human...

Navigating Telemedicine Issues in Real Estate

Author: Jacob Jones, Senior Associate From a real estate standpoint, relatively little is needed in the way of space build-out for telemedicine providers to administer care besides four walls, a reception area, a secure internet connection, and enhanced A/V...

Market Value Should be “Defendable,” Not “Fair,” Experts Say

Brandon May | Featuring Andrea Ferrari, JD, MPH, Partner Published in CenterWatch Weekly Establishing a fair market value for a clinical trial that both sponsors and sites can agree on often is easier said than done. There is little or no consensus on the “fair” price...

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