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Valuation of Linear Accelerators

Valuation of Linear Accelerators

Authors: Kirsten Hodges, ASA and Jeff Doyle, ASA Download the PDFA Linear Accelerator (“Linac”) is a technically advanced medical device/system that is utilized in radiation oncology. A Linac customizes high energy x-rays/electrons to conform to a tumor’s shape to...

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Valuation of Proton Therapy Systems

Valuation of Proton Therapy Systems

Authors: Kirsten Hodges, ASA and Jeff Doyle, ASA Download the PDFProton Therapy, also known as proton beam therapy, is a radiation oncology treatment that uses subatomic particles (protons) to destroy malignant cancer cells. Proton Therapy is a highly accurate form of...

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Key Components of a Successful ASC Transaction

Authors: Robert Kurtz Download the PDF Includes interview with Nicholas J. Janiga, ASA. Originally published by the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association. ASC Focus, The ASCA Journal, March 2023. Build a strong team, do your due diligence and have patience....

Quarterly Insight: Q4 2022

Monitoring Industry Activity from Quarter 4 of 2022 Fourth quarter earnings calls continued on many of the themes from 2022 including inflation and staffing difficulties across sectors. Although Q4 seemed to show some improvement relative to earlier in the year from a...

2023 Outlook: Healthcare M&A

Authors: Daniel I. Levin, CFA, ASA and Nicholas J. Janiga, ASA Download the PDFRising interest rates, elevated inflation, and economic uncertainty led to volatility in 2022, and many of these factors remain in place heading into 2023. While inflation appears to have...

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