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For decades, clients have relied on the expertise of HealthCare Appraisers to help maximize value for their enterprise and the patients they serve. Whether transactions involve services arrangements, businesses, real estate, capital equipment, or any combination thereof, our diverse team of consultants have the background and experience required to navigate the complex healthcare regulatory and operational environment that provider organizations operate within.

Our transaction advisory services including, among countless others:

oragne square M&A Advisory Services
oragne square Financial Modeling and Scenario Analysis
oragne square Quality of Earnings and Verification of Revenue
oragne square Market Assessments
oragne square Target/Opportunity Identification
oragne square Financial and Operational Benchmarking
oragne square Risk Assessments
oragne square Capital Structure Analysis
oragne square Joint Venture and Strategic Partnership Consulting
oragne square Working Capital and Accounts Receivable Analysis
oragne square Structuring, Restructuring and Strategic Planning
oragne square Tax Optimization (e.g., Allocation to Personal Goodwill)
oragne square Insurance Payor “Black-Box” Analysis
oragne square Compliance and Diligence Document Review Related to Provider Compensation Agreements and Plans
oragne square Tenant Credit Analysis and Collateral Underwriting Support Services

TAS Testimonial 2

“We have been working with HealthCare Appraisers for almost 4 years and have been using them to perform asset and reimbursement analyses for all new practice affiliations and purchases. Their work is timely, respectful and accurate in terms of realizing reimbursement results. There has not been a single miss in terms of their accuracy! We will continue the relationship through this dramatic growth period.”


Academic Medical Center Physician Foundation

TAS Testimonial 1

“Of all the interactions I have had with valuation firms when considering the personnel interactions, report clarity and ease of report comprehension, Healthcare Appraisers has been by far the best company I have worked with on all of these fronts. I have interacted with personnel from a number of Healthcare Appraisers offices around the country and found that Healthcare Appraisers personnel take the time to understand the issues at hand, fully delineating the assumptions under which the valuation will be undertaken and invest of themselves, promising to provide a quality report that allows for easy understanding while being detailed and accurate.”


Healthcare Consulting Firm

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Our experts are available to speak with you at your convenience. With an exclusive focus on healthcare advisory services, we offer highly specialized and targeted insight into each engagement, and we utilize the latest valuation guidance and industry trends in performing our work.

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