Monitoring Industry Activity from Quarter 3 of 2018

As part of our ongoing research into the healthcare industry, HealthCare Appraisers, Inc. follows commentary of publicly-traded health systems, physician service providers, ambulatory surgical center management companies, and other healthcare service providers.  The following paragraphs are important valuation-related takeaways from recent earnings calls and conference presentations, as well as supporting quotes from publicly-traded operators.  Some of the topics discussed in the Q3 2018 issue include:

  • Value-Based Payments
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers (“ASC”)
  • Physician Service Providers
  • Outpatient Imaging Facilities

The Q3 2018 edition of HealthCare Appraisers’ FMVantage Quarterly Insights has been edited by Daniel I. Levin, CFA, with expert commentary from Nicholas J. Janiga, ASA; Andrea Ferrari, JD, MPH; and Luis A. Argueso.