HealthCare Appraisers is pleased to present its Comprehensive Guide to Pathology Arrangements. This guide provides an overview of key concepts and terminology used in pathology as well as a more in-depth description of the most common pathology service arrangements we observe through our work with health system clients across the country.

This guide details the various services that may be provided under the five most common pathology compensation arrangements including:

 (i) medical director services,

 (ii) ‘Part A’ type services (also known as professional oversight of the clinical laboratory),

 (iii) coverage services,

 (iv) anatomic pathology services, and

 (v) autopsy services.

Our firm has provided fair market value (FMV) opinions for several hundred, single and multi-component pathology compensation arrangements. We have prepared this guide to share the benefit of our experience and to help “demystify” some of the nuances in this specialty.

Thank you for reviewing our Comprehensive Guide to Pathology Arrangements, and we hope you find it to be a helpful resource.