Provider Needs Assessment

Defining and Addressing Your Organization’s True Need

Efficient deployment of providers is critical to the ongoing success of healthcare organizations. However, provider recruitment continues to challenge health systems across the United States. Furthermore, with ever-growing competition, organization leaders are constantly optimizing and identifying service line opportunities through periodic reviews of their current marketplace to meet the needs of their communities and patients.

HealthCare Appraisers routinely partners with healthcare clients to achieve complex strategic planning goals, including provider needs assessments. Our advisors understand that each organization faces unique challenges and circumstances that ultimately impact the “true need” within a given geographic market. Through our long history of performing provider needs assessments, we have developed and refined our unique approach, which includes more than simply referring to national trend data and analyzing pertinent ratios and projected growth, but also developing an intrinsic understanding of the local market. Our proprietary databases link several distinct data sources to evaluate local market factors such as:

    • Regulatory requirements (including certificate of need requirements);
    • Population demographics;
    • Existing utilization of services within a market;
    • Value-based/stewardship goals;
    • Seasonal population changes; and
    • Recruitment challenges.

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