Healthcare Appraisers’ Partner Andrea, M. Ferrari, JD, MPH will be speaking with Michael D. Bossenbroek, Senior Associate General Counsel at Beaumont Health.

Looking Back and Looking Ahead at Physician Compensation

COVID-19 disrupted health care in unfathomable ways, forcing regulators, payors, healthcare organizations, and providers to adopt new policies and strategies. Layered on questions from COVID-19 were sweeping regulatory changes that altered long-standing rules regarding Stark, AKS, CMP Law, and reimbursement under Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Explore the impact all this had on physician compensation, discuss lessons learned, and identify long-term effects that may continue into 2021 and beyond.

The event includes four livestreamed sessions. Plus, individual on-demand access to video recordings, written materials, and PowerPoints for three years; including recorded livestreams.

Keep Pace with Critical Change in Health Care Law

In-house and outside counsel share pandemic lessons learned in 2020 and provide the practical guidance you need to move forward. Examine major issues such as the explosion of telemedicine and the latest in hospital mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Dive into cybersecurity and remote practice implications. Plus, get updates on state and federal regulations, fraud and abuse, and Stark.

Hospitals/Health Systems

  • Appropriately interpret and advise on epidemic orders
  • Employ new consolidation and alignment strategies
  • Tackle M&A challenges and explore bankruptcy alternatives for distressed facilities
  • Get answers to tough questions regarding screenings, leave policies, and remote work

Physicians/Medical Practices

  • Stay current on federal and state regulatory changes
  • Understand reimbursement changes and surprise billing
  • Mitigate the pandemic’s effect on recruitment, including compensation arrangements
  • Hear from the Joint Commission on accreditation options

To learn more or register, visit the ICLE website.